This article discusses simple ways of integrating technology into your classroom to increase student engagement.

Children working on a computer: Simple ways to increase student engagement with technology

As a teacher, engaging your students and keeping their attention can be challenging.

Students face constant and numerous physical and mental distractions every day that reduce their attention spans.

The more engaging your class is, the more your students will learn and retain what they have learned. Therefore, student engagement is a priority for a school. This idea is like the whole essence of education within an institutional environment.

Your students already use technology. Millennials today, cannot imagine life without technology. They grew up with digital devices.

Rather than the older generation of educators outrightly banning technology from schools and classrooms, technologies should be embraced and utilized to enhance learning. This should, however, be done in a controlled environment and in moderation.  

Technology supports teaching and enhances learning; it improves attentiveness in the classroom and increases students’ interest in what is being thought. Technology makes learning individualized and fun. Most importantly, it helps engage all students.

Find below simple ways of integrating technology into your classroom to increase student engagement.

Use infographics to explain complex topics

Infographics are great for learning because they provide a clear, self-explanatory visual representation of concepts and information. Information, data, and graphics are combined effectively to explain a concept.

They make it easy for your students to easily grasp the information you are passing across. You can use infographics to educate the students on the subject that they find difficult. This would definitely increase student engagement.

Use interactive whiteboards in the classroom

Interactive whiteboards or smartboards can be connected to a computer, for example, a teacher’s computer, which means the screen of the computer will be on display on the writable board.

Whatever the teacher wants the students to see from the computer will be projected on the interactive whiteboard.

Now, you can use an interactive whiteboard for various purposes within a classroom, including taking attendance.

Student can mark their name on the register on the interactive whiteboard. This will make them always be present and be engaged more in what is going on. Being able to stimulate the students’ attention from the beginning of the day will hold it until the end.

Enhance learning with a learning support platform

A digital learning support platform is an interactive software application that enhances learning and teaching. It supports different lesson formats from videos to audios, images, and text. 

It encourages independent and individualized learning and students/learners can access these learning materials any time of the day and on any device.

The LearnNova digital learning support platform is designed for children aged 3 to 11, to support learning in the classroom. It is an award-winning provider of a large repertoire of high-quality educational content in mathematics, phonics/diction, and reading.

This platform tailors content to each student’s specific learning level. Teachers and parents can monitor students’ progress.


Digital educational games are a great and fun way to keep your students engaged. By this, you can create an interactive experience for all your students, including the shy ones that don’t really interact in class. With digital games, no child will feel left out in class because everyone has a chance to participate.


Students are highly engaged when they are watching an interesting educational video. Videos can help the teacher bring the topics to life in the minds of the students.

For example, if you are teaching a history class or a topic about cultures and religion, you will find several interesting videos online to boost learning and retention.

Also, if you are teaching a literature class, there are several modern adaptations of these plays and novels. Many students would prefer to watch an educational video on a particular topic than to read it in their textbooks.

These videos can also come in the form of step by step demonstrations or instructional materials.

You can also engage students and encourage collaboration by giving them a group assignment to submit in video format.  That way the students can use phone cameras to record live sessions of themselves.

The Learnova learning support studio is an educational digital software that presents fun educational videos.

The Studio is designed to help improve the performance and ability of students in Mathematics and Phonics/Diction.

The studio can be installed in 3D or 2D flat-screen televisions depending on the choice of the schools and the school can deploy them in the classrooms.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is quite a new technology. It is fascinating, captivating, fun and highly engaging.

This device makes it possible for students to explore the world right from the comfort of their classrooms.

In a class about cultures and languages, for example, you can use this device to visit Paris and learn about the people or walk the streets of New York using these virtual field trips.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a great tool to keep students engaged and informed.

Teachers can upload class assignments, home works, group tasks, learning materials on the platform and students can continue learning those materials at home. Whether the teacher is available or not, or the school is on holiday, this online classroom is open to the students.

Final Thoughts

Research has revealed that there is increased student engagement when technology is integrated into the classroom.

Incorporating technology into your classroom can provide much-needed teaching support, present academic materials in a way that is interesting and relevant, and bring a big boost of excitement and energy to your class.

With increased student engagement, comes increased learning, increased critical thinking, and improved student academic performance.

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