One of the things we always tell school leaders at the Trenova School Growth Academy is that a school is not a community service but a business.

Children working on a computer: Simple ways to increase student engagement with technology

Of course, this means that from the onset, right from the ideation stage, a school should be structured to be scalable, repeatable and profitable.

These 3 are necessary to build a school that will not just survive in the long run but also leads.

Sadly, a lot of schools in Nigeria can’t even pay their teachers, not to talk of being profitable.

Of course, this is embarrassing.

Thankfully, in this post, I will show you how to raise about N2-50 million extra revenue for your school every year. leveraging what a lot of schools have but don’t know how to weaponize.

A learning support system.

But I have to warn you, this is not the traditional learning support you know or already use in your school, it is an advanced learning support system that makes learning easy, fun and profitable.

If you want to learn more, continue reading, but first, let’s dive into what LearnNova learning support is, who it is meant for and how it works.

Let’s go there.

The LearnNova Learning Support, what it is and how it works

I am assuming you already know what learning support is but if you don’t, here is a little run down.

Learning supports are the resources, strategies, and practices that provide physical, social, emotional and intellectual support intended to enable all school children to have an equal opportunity for success at school by addressing barriers to learning and promoting engagement in learning and teaching.

It helps to address the external and internal factors that interfere with students engaging effectively with the school curriculum.

We understand how challenging and complex teaching is, we equally understand how unpalatable learning could be for some students, so we develop LearnNova learning support platform to provide an innovative way of learning to make it fun, interesting and of course, effective.

Unlike a typical learning supports that are deployed in classrooms, LearnNova is designed to help a child learn anywhere, anytime, any moment even on their way home from school.

It is a digital learning platform that helps children build essential creative skills and excel in mathematics, reading, diction, and phonics.

It is designed for children within the age bracket 3-11, though we have an eLearning maths platform for secondary schools covering over 480 topics and over 2,100 questions from SS1-3.

The reading studio of the platform called I Can Read is designed to encourage a child to read at least 10 books each term thereby helping the child to have read at least 270 books apart from their normal coursebooks within age 3-11.

Of course, you will agree with me that a reader is a leader, so the studio is designed to produce a reading child.

The learning platform incorporates leading pedagogical practices that ease the learning process.

And the amazing thing is that it can help a child improve their grade up to 20%. This is made possible because of its learning science and memory improvement techniques.

Here are some other key features.
  • It is designed to help a child learn from anywhere, at any moment, and in any place.
  • It is compatible across every device; television, computer, mobile or tablet, giving your children every possible chance to learn, even on their way home from school.
  • The platform takes the stress and hard work out of teaching so that each child’s needs and potential can take the center stage.
  • It uses animated learning videos, imaginative slides, and interactive revision quizzes to improve the grade of the child.
  • The platform boasts of thousands of learning support videos to help students learn effectively, quickly and in their own time
  • The platform allows students to take revision tests, scores them and track their progress over time. The quizzes are divided into international and national curriculums and designed to ensure that your students feel smarter and much better prepared for exams even at the international stage.
  • The Phonics/Diction studio contains 270 phonics/diction lesson for age 2-10

We believe that giving every child a chance to reach their full potential is the best work anyone can do.

And LearnNova is our own little way of doing that and luckily, a lot of schools are fanatically keying into the idea.

But how do the smart ones leverage the learning support platform to grow their annual revenue?

It is simple, just continue reading.

How schools use LearnNova Learning Support to grow their revenue

Online & Blended Learning: improve learning in classroom

Of course, every school wants to consistently graduate smart students.

The good news is our learning support was designed primarily to help you achieve this.

But to encourage the widespread deployment of this platform for effective learning, we built it to be profitable for schools.

On average, a school can earn about N683,500 extra income by implementing the use of this platform in their school and making it a part of their standard curriculum.

To use the platform, a child is expected to pay a fee of N1550 each term and all the courses and lessons under their class for that term will be activated for such a child.

The payment system is not automated because we want to give the schools total control over how they operate the platform in their schools. So, the schools collect the payment and we activate the child.

This fee is used to maintain the platform and covers the operational cost of managing the platform but the final amount the schools charge their student is entirely their discretion.

Most of the schools charge N2550 per child, thereby making extra N1000 from each child but that is not even the catch.

For every third term a child uses the platform, the school is entitled to collect all the payment. That is to say, we collect fees only for the first and second terms while the schools collect the third.

Interesting, right?

Now let’s calculate how much a school of 150 children will make a year using this platform

Let’s assume you have a school of 150 children and you charge N2550 for the platform every term.

First term: 150 students x N2550 = N382,500

Since, we charge N1550 for each child a school is expected to remit N232,500 (150 students x N1,550 = N232,500)

When a school remits N232,500, it is expected to keep N150,000 as extra income.

In a session a school earns, N150,000 + N150,000 + 383,500 = N683,500

So, in a session, a school of 150 students that uses our learning support is expected to earn additional N683,000.

So, imagine what your school can do with an extra N683,000 every session.

Of course, a lot.

If you are interested in deploying this platform in your school, then continue reading

There is even more

3 happy school children

LearnNova is operated under a franchise model that enables people to leverage our business model, our technology and their own business experiences to setup business they can call their own.

The good news is that they don’t need an office, any staff or office supplies to operate the business.

Our model is simple, easy to operate and requires zero operational capital.

This is how it works.

When you register as a partner and sign up a school on the platform, for every child that uses the platform from the school we will pay you N150, N250 or N500 depending on the partnership cadre you are in.

There are 3 cadres of partners, basic partners, platinum and gold.

Registration as a basic partner is free but an applicant can only be activated when such person had signed up at least one school and is paid N150 for every child.

For a school of 150 children, the partner earns N22,500 each term for life as long as the school continues to use the platform.

To become a platinum partner, an applicant needs to sign up with N75,000 before activation and such partners are paid N250 for every child.

For a school of 150, a platinum partner earns N37,500 from the school.

A gold partner registers with N125,000 and earns N500 for each child. This means for a school of 150, such a partner earns N75,000 from the school for life every term.

Getting Started

Teaching is challenging but the good news is our digital learning platform has not just made it fun and interesting but also profitable.

A school leader doesn’t need to get to heaven before getting their rewards again, we help ambitious ones to start getting the results here on earth.

Leveraging the LearnNova platform as a revenue driver helps ambitious schools to drive in extra N683,500 revenue every session.

The good news is the flexibility of the platform could even allow them to earn more.

Some of the schools that use our learning support studio charges over N7,000 per term.

Now, imagine a school of 150 students doing this.

Of course, that is an extra N2.7M every session. I believe you understand what that amount can do for any school?

To replicate the same thing for your school, kindly fill this form and we will get in touch with you immediately.

And if you are also interested in the franchise opportunity, then fill the form here.

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