In this article, we will review the top eleven qualities that the best private schools in Nigeria have in common

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With the failure of public schools, there is a booming growth in the private education sector. This has increased astronomically the number of privately owned secondary schools in the country and educational choices available to students. Thereby, increasing the struggles these schools face to grow and rise above the competition.

For your school to increase its admissions and re-enrolment, your school needs to have created a name for itself. As a private school owner, how do you make your school one of the best globally and in your community?

In this article, I will be taking you through ten things the best private schools have in common. 

Quality Education

The best private schools are well-known for consistently delivering quality education year after year. Quality education is one of the major determinants of a child’s success in life.

There are several factors that can be used as a scale to determine the quality of education offered by a particular school. Some of them are – how well the students are doing in major exams such as the Senior School Certificate Exams (SSCE), how broad, inclusive and challenging the school curriculum is, how qualified and trained the teachers are, etc. 

Standard Facilities

Students are known to perform better when taught in a conducive and accommodative learning environment. Therefore, school owners need to make sure that their school facilities are modern, safe and meet the requirements of students and school regulatory bodies.

The best private schools should boast of a library, Information and Communication Technology(ICT), science laboratories, digital learning support studio, sports facilities, canteen, book stores, clinic, security post, etc.

Facilities should also be provided to aid learning for students with special needs.

Well-Qualified Teachers

Are your teachers well-qualified and trained? Do they love children and enjoy being around them? Are they passionate about teaching? Do they have good values?

The best private schools invest in their staff; they provide good welfare packages for them. They know the importance of putting good welfare packages in place to motivate and reward their staff.

These welfare packages should include financial rewards such as prompt payment of salaries, allowances, medical services, teaching facilities, training, loan opportunities, among others. 

Extracurricular Activities & Sports

Extracurricular activities are a necessity in renowned private schools because it helps enhance student’s competency beyond the scope of a classroom. By participating in extracurricular activities and sports, students are able to properly position themselves for the real world.

Beyond having fun, keeping active, learning a new skill and learning to take responsibility, students are able to learn team-building skills, leadership skills, and social interaction skills.

Extra-curricular activities could be learning how to play the piano, volleyball, baking, coding, etc.

Such students may go-ahead to develop those skills into talent and a money-making venture for themselves. They could even choose their career path through these extracurricular activities.

Financial Aid

The best private schools are committed to finding the brightest minds and they do this by providing financial assistance in the form of a full and partial scholarship to students who are academically strong and of good character but cannot afford to pay the school fees.

This financial aid could also include allowing parents to pay in installments. Through this, these schools attract and invest in the most brilliant minds regardless of their economic background. 

Preparation for Higher Education

The best private schools invest extensively in preparing their students for the university and for the real world. These schools provide information, opportunities, and support for their students who want to further their education outside the country.

These schools are committed to providing superior education, building their students’ self-esteem, broadening their horizons, maturity, and independence.

They also build their social skills, leadership skills, and time management skills. All these get their students prepared to easily transition to college.

Healthy Competitions

The best private schools encourage healthy competitions among students, and between schools.

They organize school debates, science competitions, sports games, etc. This is a creative and fun way to test how well the students are learning.

Curriculum Revision

With the advent of technology, new trends, knowledge, and skills need to be learned. In order for these schools to remain at the top, they review and upgrade their curriculum regularly.

These schools regularly compare their current curriculum with that used by the schools in Britain and America in order to ensure that their students get a superior education year after year.

For example, beyond teaching students how to use a computer, schools now have lessons on coding and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Mentorship and Counseling Services

The best private schools provide mentorship and counseling services for their students.

These schools organize events where these individuals who have distinguished themselves in business and in a career can speak directly to the students.

They act as a role model for these students and provide direction, guidance, and motivation for these students.

Counseling services in schools should support and facilitate students’ growth, character, and social behavior. They counsel students who are having physical, behavioral and mental health issues.

Many schools have full-time counselors in order to be there for students who are experiencing challenges personally and academically.

These counselors also help students choose careers and prepare for college.

Broad and Inclusive Courses

Does your private school have provision for students interested in music, drawing/painting, dancing, sports, or creative writing? The best private schools never neglect to provide a rich curriculum to support the talents, creativity, and abilities of their students.

Small-Classroom Style

Unlike public schools, the best privately-owned secondary schools know the value of having smaller class sizes, individualized attention and a student-centered approach to teaching.

Smaller classes allow students to be attentive and fully benefit from their teacher; teachers are also better able to get to know their students and their abilities.


The best private schools work towards impacting not only the present educational experience of a child but also their future success.

It is, however, important to note that the list above is arranged in no particular order, and each one of them is equally important. 

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