Every parent wants to know what their children are being taught in school from school administrators and teachers. This is because they are curious about what their children are learning in school. School administrators and teachers should patiently provide answers to all these questions because this as an excellent opportunity for them to engage with parents and build strong relationships.

Parents don’t compromise on the proper development of their children. They are more concerned about the quality of education they are getting from your school than other factors like cost. It is only natural that they pay close attention to the curriculum with which their children are taught.

Some parents will be more vocal about their concerns on the effectiveness of the curriculum your school is using. Others judge by the progress of their children.

It is your duty as a school owner to provide answers to both the registered and unregistered concerns.

Every school needs to create a medium to communicate and address the parents’ concerns periodically, especially at the beginning of a new school calendar.

There is no limit to the questions parents can ask about your school curriculum; here are a few of them.

What subjects, topics, and concepts will my child be learning this term?

Parents are curious to know the exact subjects their child will be taught in school. This knowledge is essential, so these parents can have an idea of what their wards will be learning and how they can provide additional support for them at home or during the holidays.

Are your school curriculum and teaching aids up-to-date?

The world is changing fast. One of the first questions parents ask is how up-to-date your school curriculum is to reflect the dynamics of the 21st-century world.

Parents are often concerned about schools filling their children’s brains with old and irrelevant information.

Parents’ valid concerns can be laid to rest by continually reviewing and updating your school curriculum to reflect current trends.

Your school curriculum and teaching aids should be evaluated and revised periodically. Your curriculum review process should always be communicated to parents.

How engaging are your curriculum and teaching methods?

Both the students and their parents are the best advertisers your school will ever have. It starts with an engaging classroom.

From my personal experience as a mathematics teacher, topics are boring when the students can’t relate to them. And that says a lot about the method of teaching.

The traditional teaching approach can be uninspiring to students.

There are quite a number of educational tools that can help your school strike the right balance between the traditional and modern techniques of teaching. One such tool is the LearnNova digital learning support studio, which combines the power of digital and innovation to make learning fun and engaging for children and teens.

Does your curriculum encourage critical thinking?

Our society, and the world in general, values critical thinkers and problem solvers and parents want their children to be smart, responsible, capable, and ready for the real world.

Of course, every child’s ability is different and parents expect your school to bring out the best in each child while encouraging them to be analytic and critical thinkers.

Is there a provision in your curriculum for personalized learning?

This refers to an individualized learning approach in the classroom. Here, teachers give each student time and personalized attention. For this to work, there must be a smaller class size and lower student-to-teacher ratios.

When the school gives priority to a personalized learning approach, attention is given to each student based on their different needs. Such schools also give provision in their curriculum for different learning styles and assessment techniques.

What academic standards are used in your school?

Parents want to know which standards are used in your school, especially in their child’s class. What is your educational philosophy and what teaching approach do you propagate? Your school should be ready to inform and explain to parents why that standard or policy was adopted.

How would my child be accessed?

Parents want to know how their children will be accessed and how their grades will be calculated.

They want to know if the school and the teachers understand their wards’ strengths and weaknesses. They expect your school to work on their weaknesses while polishing their strengths.

Reports should be provided on academic assessment activities like class quizzes, debates, homework, and tests. Parents want to know how their child’s academic progress would be measured.

Are you using and teaching students with technology?

Technology has become part of our way of life. The least many parents expect from a school is computer literacy for their children.

Many schools make use of laptops or desktop computers, whiteboards, television, progressive web apps, and much more. Some private primary and secondary schools teach technology-based subjects, such as computer science, coding, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Impacting technological skills have become a requirement for private schools. That’s why parents want to know what technology resources you use in your curriculum to enhance the learning process.

Final thoughts

School administrators and teachers should welcome every opportunity to engage with parents by providing answers to all their questions. This will give you a competitive advantage over other private schools in your community.

How we can help?

Running a private school is no small task; there are a lot of details to pay attention to. You as a school owners needs to be strategic and innovative, both in management and leadership. With the right strategies, it can become a walk in the park.

At the TreNova School Growth Academy, we train private school owners and administrators on how to maximize their school growth.

We provide training for school owners on effective school growth strategies to deploy. This training focuses on school leadership and management, numerical growth and fee collection strategies.


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