Is your school’s official website an asset or a liability in generating student admissions and re-enrollment? Find out here

school website: asset or a liability for admitting students

In this digital age, having a school website is very important. It is often the first contact potential customers have with your school.

Having a good, beautifully designed and modern-looking school website can positively boost the image of your school and lead to increased student admissions.

Why having an official school website is important?

  • Your school website is an owned asset and a marketing tool to generate brand awareness. It should be designed to reflect your brand.
  • Your school website can influence the way your school is perceived by the public. It can contribute to the image and reputation of the brand.
  • Your school website is an important information channel. It should contain news of school activities and schedules, learning activities such as academic requirements and course descriptions, school extra-curricular activities, etc.

Having a good school website is important for your staff and current customers, as well. So make sure your website delivers a good user experience for your teachers, students, and parents.

Features of a good school website

  • Quality up-to-date content. Your school website should have up-to-date information about your school including the contact information.
  • User-friendliness. Your website should be easy to navigate and provide usability satisfaction. Keep your website simple, concise and consistent. Your website visitors should be able to find what they are looking for easily.
  • Accessibility. This means your school website must be accessible on any device. It should be mobile-friendly.


How to make your website an asset for admissions

There are specific features your site must possess to make it an asset for student admissions and re-enrollment. Some of the features are discussed below:

  • Let your school website have all the information that parents would want to know, especially concerning student admissions. Your website should be a major marketing tool for your school.
  • List out the unique selling points of your school and the benefits that parents will enjoy when they enroll their children in your school.
  • Your website should be a lead generation platform. Collect your visitor’s information such as name, phone number and email address. Have an inquiry form, application form, registration forms, email subscription, and thank you forms on your website.
  • Have a follow-up process. Have a dedicated admissions team who will be following up on everyone who makes contact with your website.
  • Have social sharing buttons on your website. Allow your website visitors and potential customers to easily share your content on their social media pages.
  • Have a call to action on every page. Your call to action should easily connect them to your student admissions landing page.
  • Plan an email marketing strategy to reach out to everyone who has subscribed to your newsletters.
  • Share your school stories and student-generated content on your website such as your students’ achievements, school awards, and so on.

Your website is the first impression your potential audience will have about your school. Those impressions are formed based on what they see and experience from your site.

Ensure your site is driving traffic to your school and contributing positively to your goal of increasing students’ admissions.

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