Struggling to grow your school enrollment? Learn how you can achieve maximum growth with email marketing.

Email marketing to grow school enrollment

One of the primary concerns for school owners is how to grow school enrollment. There are several marketing strategies you can utilize. It is however pertinent that you adopt effective strategies if you want to improve student admissions and re-enrollment.

Over the years, emails have proved to be an effective marketing tool for reaching current and potential customers.

The benefits are numerous. Emails allow the flow of information with little or no restrictions. It also saves costs. It can be used to communicate personalized and tailored messages.

If used effectively, it is a powerful marketing tool to build customer loyalty, nurture leads, increase brand awareness, and improve sales.

Little wonder it’s still a valued marketing tool to date.

Luckily this post tells you how to get, keep and grow your customer base in your private school using email marketing.

Now the big question is; as a school owner, how do you effectively utilize your email marketing campaign to grow school enrollment?

To get started on this, it is wise to use a good email marketing automation software. If you’re not using one, you’re undermining your campaign’s full potential.

Sending bulk emails to your school’s prospects and current parent-clients is a time-consuming process. 

A good Email marketing software does away with these and automates much of the process.

Email marketing solutions are software applications that allow you to effectively plan, execute, and monitor your email marketing campaigns. They often come with beautifully designed email templates and builders, email scheduling features, and reporting and analytics features.

One really good email automation software is It allows you to send 10 thousand emails at an insanely low price of $1 without sacrificing deliverability.

How cool is that?


How to effectively grow your school with email marketing

Not everyone appreciates you intruding into their privacy. Your prospects need to opt into your email list before you can share a message about your product or service with them.

How to build an effective email marketing campaign for your school.

  • Generate a lead system

The first thing you need to do is to create a lead system.

A lead is a person or organization that shows interest in your product or service. It is the trail an interested person leaves behind.

While lead generating systems refers to the channels you utilize to get an engaged audience.

Examples of lead generating systems are websites, blogs, online content, and social media platforms.

 Tips for generating leads

  • Build a modern, beautifully designed website/blog: Use your school website and blog to capture contact information when prospects visit your website. Make sure you attract prospects to your site by posting relevant, up-to-date information about your school that parents would want to read about.
  • Offer free products: To creatively get your website visitors’ contact information, you must use a “lead magnet.” A lead magnet is a free gift your school offers to its website visitors. It could be any original content produced by your school, such as an ebook, that parents would find interesting and like to read.

Having the contact information of all those visiting your site allows you to proactively reach out to them through emails, and eventually bring them to your school for a visit.  

  • Adopt a lead conversion system

After successfully getting prospects to subscribe to your email newsletter, then you have to promote your school through these newsletters to convince these parents to send their children to your school. Email newsletters are promotional and marketing communication tools.

As a school owner, these are what you need in your email to convert a prospect into a customer:

  • Give discounts and free offers for new clients: A 5% or 10% discount on school fees, school books or school uniforms will go a long in convincing prospects to enroll their children in your school. Sometimes you need to give things to get more.
  • Share your school’s success stories: Do you have a powerful story? Do you have students that scored all As in external exams or an amazing daycare center for working mums? Whatever the case, create a compelling story around it and share it in your newsletters. Everyone loves a good story and this is a powerful marketing strategy.
  • Create a proper lead follow-up system

Develop a proper lead follow-up framework using email.

Email automation is an easy way to stay in touch with prospects who are parents and provide them with valuable information as they decide whether or not to enroll their children in your school.

Staying in contact with your target audience through an email follow-up program is your key to moving these families from interested prospects into ones that enroll.

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