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Have you ever wondered why some schools struggle for years to increase their enrollment?

For many, rather than an increase in their enrollments, the school continues to experience negative growth and before you know it, it goes into extinction. 

I am sure this is not what you want.

In this article today, I will show you how to grow your school enrollment easily.

If you are still battling with a low school population; then you really need to take out time to digest this article. 

And not just that, but also implement them.

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So, let’s get started.

But before diving we dive in, let’s quickly highlight some of the reasons why you need to focus on your school enrolment strategies.

Why you need to grow school enrolment 

There are lots of benefits attached to increasing your school enrolment, and a few of them are given below

  • As a school owner, you have competitors and to remain relevant in that line, there is a need to enroll more students in your school. 
  • Year in year out, students graduate and leave your school, it is essential to keep the ball rolling.
  • There are people out there that need the services of your school. It would be best if you reached out to them. 
  • Having more students means increasing the revenue of your school. Trust me; you need more income for you to develop. 
  • Having more students helps to carve the right name for the school. 

Now you know why you have to enroll more children, of course, let’s go ahead with how to simple ways to go about it.


Effective ways to grow your school enrollment this year 

The first step to growing school enrollment is to let quality teaching and academic excellence speak for itself.

Not the marketing of your school. But delivering quality education to your pupils.

The reason is;  if through the advertising of your school you increase enrolment, you will definitely experience a declining growth in the future if your school has nothing to show for it. 

The most important thing is investing in delivering sustainable quality education. 

In addition to this, here are a few other ways to grow your school enrollment.

Set high but simple standards

Let your school be known for a high level of discipline.

Set rules that are easy to follow and ensure that students obey these rules.

Examples of simple rules are; come to school before 8:00am, put on white socks to school, iron and mend torn uniforms, wear black shoes only, speak English while in the school environment and others.

These simple but effective standards are some of the things that help to distinguish a leading private school.

The aspect of spoken words should be taken seriously.

Only English should be allowed within the school. This would help to strengthen their fluency prowess.

These simple things help to open the door for more enrollment into the school. 

Equip your school with adequate facilities

Ensure that your school has basic equipment for sports and playgrounds as well as facilities that aid the learning process.

You can deploy the LearnNova Digital learning support and the amazing thing it is free.

Kindergarten and nursery schools should be equipped with attractive play materials In the playground, and the computer should be available for basic classes.

Also, secondary schools should have laboratories and computers. 

Establish a smooth relationship with children and parent

One common characteristic of leading schools in Nigeria is their ability to build a good relationship with the children and parents.

This is one of the simplest things to do. Of course, you can start by paying visits to your children and also showing concerns in their family affairs.

The truth is parents value teachers checking in on them to find out about the well-being of their students and their behavior at home.

Don’t forget to send them seasonal messages, birthday greetings, and others.

This shows the extent of care.

Parent-teacher Association is also a means of establishing a smooth relationship.

Don’t joke with it.

Never undermine holiday coaching

Get your school involved in holiday coaching, especially during the long holidays.

When other schools start filling out your lapses, they get credit, and this could drive a parent to change school. 

Holiday coaching serves as an avenue to market your school.

Some parents will bring their wards to your school because they want to try your school. If you can deliver well during this period, you stand a chance of winning the hearts of parents and increasing the enrollment list for the coming session. 

Smart schools even organize free coaching within the period.

Use Attractive Uniform

You might not believe this.

Some parents consider uniform type before enrolling a child in a school.

So always go for attractive uniforms.

Do not make the mistake of using all-round whites (white shirt and white trousers) for your uniform, especially for kids in primary and nursery schools.

It would make them always look dirty.

Some smart schools allow their students to come to first-third Fridays of the month on jeans with the school vest worn over it while some allow their students to come on traditional wears on the last Friday.

This simple act makes their students look different from the rest.

Build a strong brand

Build a strong brand by focusing on what makes your school special.

Your brand is what makes you different from your competitors. It goes beyond your school name and logo.

It entails what people perceive about you generally.

As a result, you need to work on the physical structure, online presence, quality of education, choice of colour and a host of others.

To become a leading school you need to differentiate from the competition.

This is achievable by leveraging what your school is known. Every school has a unique trait it possesses. It could be speaking ability- having records of awards in debates, sports competitions mathematics specialization, etc.

It could be anything, leverage them to stand apart from the rest.

 Building a brand, however, requires time and patience and here are a few things you could do to get started immediately.

  • Having an appealing online presence (website, social media)
  • Join trending twitter conversations that are relevant to your space.
  • Employ a social media manager to help with the school’s accounts. You could start with a freelancer to save costs.
  • Run a targeted and consistent digital marketing campaign
  • Have an efficient feedback system by issuing a parent satisfaction survey every term

The feedback system enables you to improve where you are lagging. It also creates an avenue for addition, suggestions or criticism.

Other ways to increase school enrolment 

Other things you can do to generate the population are as follows.

  • Give discounts to first-timers: no matter how minimal, give a reduction to first-timers. Do not scare parents with an exorbitant fee.
  • Word-of-mouth advert: do not just tell whoever cares to listen about your school, appeal to them to help inform others. 
  • Display on billboards: Alert parents of your school presence through the display on billboards around.
  • Enter into competitions and awards: prepare your students for games and ensure to win prizes. These are things that parent like to see when they visit the principal’s office. 
  • Flyers and stickers: give out flyers and stickers to friends, families, students, and others. It is an excellent means of an advert. 
  • Attractive painting: use beautiful pictures for your school and ensure to repaint old paintings.
  • Read this article: growing your enrollment requires structured approaches and this article below compiles ways to get you started.

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What Next?

It is okay to have a high population in your school, however, it is advisable that you expand your school as the population grows.

This would help to curb rowdiness and aid teachers in controlling classes. 

How we can help to grow your enrollment

At Trenova Private School Growth Academy, we deploy the Nova Strategies for Private School Growth to build a private school that leads the market and dominate the competition.

For 12 years, we have worked with over 10,000 private schools and 15,000 school leaders to grow their enrollment by 100-600 in a single term, increase annual revenue, reduce school fees debt and increase staff productivity.

We have helped some to increase revenue from 8m-150m in 3 years and many to double their businesses in 2-4 years.

Let’s work together to grow your school.

Zainab Iwayemi

Zainab Iwayemi is a graduate of University of Ilorin. She is a passionate writer who believes so much in making impart and attaining development with the power of the pen. Driven by hunger for success, she strives for a better tomorrow and uphold integrity as her watchword. She is a lover of poem and stories. She also takes photographs.


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