This article discusses the benefits of privately-owned schools having a learning support platform.

Learning is so cool on the Learnnova Learning Support Platform

What is a Digital Learning Support Platform?

  • A digital learning Support Platform is an interactive online service that provides parents, teachers, students, educators, and administrators, with information, tools, and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

As the name implies, it is a software application that enhances learning and teaching.

It provides digital support for teachers both in and outside of the classroom by assisting them in their duties, thereby easing their workload.

It also accelerates learning and improves engagement in the classroom.

Now, we can go ahead with the benefits of this platform to your private nursery, primary and secondary school.

Benefits of a Digital Learning Support Platform

A growing number of educational institutions, especially at the primary school level, have come to appreciate the huge rewards this platform provides in improving quality teaching and enhancing learning.

1. Improved student engagement and academic attainment.

Students have easy access to a wide range of up-to-date learning resources presented in different formats such as pictures, demo videos, audio, and text, to enhance learning and increase engagement.

2. Opportunity for independent and individualized learning.

Learning support platforms encourages independent and individualized learning.

Students/learners can access these learning materials any time of the day, and on any device, mobile or desktop. Teachers or administrators who upload these resources can tailor them to suit the specific needs of each learner.

Learning support platforms support different lesson formats from videos to audios, images, and text.

Learning platforms provide students with additional reading resources, lesson plans, and study guides as well. Students who want to read ahead of the class can also do so.

3. Reduced work-load and time-saving benefits for teachers

Learning support platforms assist teachers in doing their work duties better and more efficiently.

It reduces their workload and helps them manage their time more effectively.

4. Increased parental involvement

There is no sweeter thing than having parents get involved in the learning process of their children. This is key to the success of the child in his/her academics. With a digital learning support platform, you can achieve this.

The platform enables parents to monitor their child’s progress and grades.

5. Improving learning resources and quality of education

Learning platforms give schools a wide range of teaching and learning resources, both online and in the classroom.

Learning platforms provide a wide range of learning resources and exercises – broadening the horizon of the learners and making teaching and learning more engaging and fun.

These activities can also be linked to the school curriculum.

6. Better monitoring of learning and teaching

Learning Support Platforms allow parents, educators, and administrators to monitor and assess the learning and teaching progress of teachers and students.

Many learning platforms include planning and reporting tools that help teachers, parents, and administrators link all activities to the school curriculum and check on a child’s learning and progress.

7. It enhances digital literacy

Wouldn’t you love a scenario where all your teachers and students are computer literates?

With a Learning Support Platform, you can achieve this, since most of the interaction is done online.

A learning platform enables both the teachers and students to develop online skills, in a safe environment.

8. It improves the management of student behavior and attendance

Since digital learning platforms can be assessed from anywhere at any time, your students are never absent. This allows them to learn even when they are sick and away from classes.

You even get to oversee your students reading and learning behavior over this platform.

9.  It fosters better interaction between all those involved in the learning process of pupils

Digital learning support platforms make learning an all-inclusive affair. The teachers, as well as the parents, are involved and supportive of the child’s learning process.

Do these benefits sound like something you want for your school?

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So, what next?

Learnnova Learning Support Platform

The Learnnova Learning Support Platform enhances the quality of education you provide in your school.

It is an award-winning provider of a large repertoire of high-quality educational content in mathematics, phonics/diction, and reading for children aged 3 – 11 years old.

The Learnnova Learning Support Platform helps optimize teaching and learning experiences. It makes teaching more rewarding and inspiring and learning more fun and worthwhile.

Our learning platform is used by educators, students, school administrators and parents around the world.

The goal of this platform isn’t to replace educators and teachers who shape our children’s minds and futures. It is rather a tool to help them perform their duties better.

This platform can be accessed on

Some of the subjects offered on this platform include:

  • Mathematics: This learning resource combines the national and international nursery and primary school curriculum. Its aim is to help children develop strong numeracy skills.
  • Reading & Comprehension: This is a literacy Skills Development Program tagged, “I Can Read”. It helps to groom children into readers, orators, and book lovers. It is structured to encourage each child to read at least 10 books each term.

This means that from ages 3 to 11 a child would have read 270 books apart from their normal school books. All these books are available on the platform.

  • Phonics/Diction: This course was designed to improve diction in children. It contains 270 phonics/diction lessons for pupils aged 2-10.

This Learning Support Platform costs just a token amount.

As you begin your journey to an improved educational system and administration, we say…


Ebuka Evans

Ebuka Evans is a freelance writer. He currently studies at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he pursues a B.A. in English and Literary Studies.


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