Getting, keeping and growing your client base is not easy. But how can you leverage your back to school marketing campaign using emails to grow your school?

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As schools set to resume, there are a lot of things that occupy the minds of parents.

As a private school owner in Nigeria, you must ensure you are top of mind with your potential and current clients. It is pertinent that you put in place certain marketing strategies in preparation for resumption in order to boost your school growth.

The question is, of the numerous marketing channels and strategies available, which option is best? Text messages, phone calls, and social media are all good marketing channels but have certain limitations.

SMS limits the number of characters you can type and does not allow for a pictorial representation of ideas, phone calls are quite expensive and time-consuming, and social media posts only reach about 10% of people on your contact list.

Of course, unless you are willing to spend money to run ads.

So, these leave emails as a veritable channel to pursue your back-to-school marketing strategies and in this post today, I will show you 7 back-to-school email marketing strategies to skyrocket your school growth.

But first, here are why you should incorporate email marketing into your back-to-school marketing campaign.

Let’s dive in…

Benefits of email marketing in your back-to-school marketing campaign

There are several benefits to including emails as an integral part of your back to school marketing strategies.

A few of them are summarized below.

  • You can reach your current and potential clients with your marketing messages quickly and directly, in real-time.
  • Emails allow you to convey your marketing messages not only with words but also with images, GIFs, documents, videos, etc. With emails, there are no limits on the number of characters you can type. This does not mean that you should make your emails too wordy.
  • Emails are cost-effective. It is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional marketing channels such as ads, flyers, etc.
  • With emails, a school owner has the opportunity to personalize and target his/her marketing messages to the right audience. This helps the school build a stronger relationship with parents and wards.
  • Emails enable you to reach your clients on any device – mobile or desktop – and at any time of the day.
  • Email marketing can be automated and it is easy to track and measure. You can know how many people opened, read and clicked on your email content.

However, for private school owners, the challenge lies in how to create sweet marketing messages using emails that captivate the attention of the audience.

Luckily, this post compiled 7 back-to-school email marketing strategies that work.

Let’s get started

7 back to school email marketing strategies that work

Getting customers, keeping customers and growing the customers’ base is not easy.

But how would you leverage email marketing this back-to-school season to build a school that will lead?

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Focus on building relationships

Don’t bombard your clients with marketing messages, this would put them off. Be genuinely interested in what they care about, connect with them on a deeper level.

Send seasonal greetings, welcome emails, inform them of school activities such as PTA meetings and commencement of Inter-house sports.

Don’t let your emails only be about bills, fees, and expenses.

Get your target audience excited

Are you offering early bird discounts for parents who pay before school resumption? Emails are a great way to inform parents of such discounts and offers.

When communicating your marketing messages, present a sense of urgency, to get your target audience to act immediately.  

ABC school wishes you a happy Yuletide and a prosperous new year. We are pleased to inform you that the Early bird Discount for this session is now available. Fees paid before school resumes will enjoy a 10 percent early bird discount.

Use catchy words in your email subject line

Your subject line is viewed before the content. Most people decide from the subject whether to read your content or not. Ensure the subject line of your email is relevant and catchy. For example;

10 percent early bird discount on fees paid before resumption!

Save 15% on books this term. Learn how?

Back to school! Exciting new term begins January 13th, 2020

Back to school sales: up to 20% off school uniforms.

Use a beautiful back to school email design with pictures, a nice structure, and color scheme

A beautiful email template and design will hold the attention of your audience and get them to click through to your landing page.

Ensure that your graphics are beautiful. This would help to convince your audience to do what you want them to do.

Let your back-to-school email campaign appeal to different audience segments

 Don’t just target parents, get the children interested as well.

Children have a major influence on the decisions parents make, especially the ones concerning them.

Parents usually buy things their children like. Even though you shouldn’t market directly to children, let your back to school marketing messages appeal to them as well.

Give room for feedback from parents and wards

By encouraging feedback to your emails, you win your clients over, build stronger bonds with your clients and get a chance to improve on your services.

So always include a feedback channel in your email.

For example, you could say:

We value your feedback. For suggestion, complaints, comments or additional information, reach us via email or call Taiwo on 08000000000

Include a compelling call to action

Let parents know what you want them to do immediately and focus on the benefits of taking that action in your email. Ensure you highlight your call to action, so your recipient can easily find it and take the desired action.

The back-to-school season is a huge opportunity to make your potential clients aware of your school brand, build relationships with your current clients and improve sales and revenue through your email campaigns.

If you are not seeing and leveraging the huge potential in this season yet, you are losing potential revenue and an opportunity to ensure you are top of mind with parents.

Emails, not only integrate easily with other marketing channels but also play a vital role in a back-to-school marketing campaign.

How we can help you grow

At Trenova Private School Growth Academy, to deploy the Nova Strategies for Private School Growth to build a private school that leads the market and dominate the competition.

For 12 years, we have worked with over 10,000 private schools and 15,000 school leaders to grow their enrollment by 100-600 in a single term, increase annual revenue, reduce school fees debt and increase staff productivity.

We have helped some to increase revenue from 8m-150m in 3 years and many to double their businesses in 2-4 years.

Let’s help you grow…

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Beautiful write up.. Is really helpful.. Thanks alot

OLANIYI AKINYEMI SAMUEL · January 12, 2020 at 5:04 PM

A very lovely and helpful write up may God bless you abundantly,sir/ma, people like us in a rural areas where the majority of the parents are illiterate and do not have access to email, what can I do?

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