This article focuses on the reasons why integrating technology in the classroom is a good idea. It discusses nine reasons students need technology in the classroom.

Students working on a computer: Reasons why students need technology in he classroom

This is the era of technological advancement and digital literacy. Virtually everyone uses technology for one purpose or the other. Even the students at your school, probably spend more time using digital devices than they spend on their textbooks.

There are a lot of educational technologies available such as learning apps, digital learning platforms and management systems, learning studios, videos, podcasts, online learning, virtual classrooms, whiteboards, computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

It isn’t your fault that the traditional system of education and teaching approach which encouraged memorization, recitation, and the strict use of textbooks are slowly fading away. But it becomes your fault when you don’t adapt to these changing times.

You can make learning fun, more engaging and more convenient for your students only if you make the right decision.

You would learn the reasons why integrating technology into your classrooms would pay off…

…only if you continue reading.

Reasons students need technology in the classroom

  • Technology increases student engagement in the classroom

Your students spend most of their time using technological devices. Don’t you think deploying these in your classrooms would be beneficial to them?

Teachers who teach their students with technological aids make them more interactive and attentive in class. Take for example, in a biology class about primates, you use videos to show your students the characteristics of these species.

This will increase the energy and excitement in your class and encourage interaction in your class. These explanatory videos will also boost knowledge retention in your students.

  • Technology enhances learning

Integrating technology into your classroom will present learning in a way that is interesting and relevant to your students.

Educational technologies usually come in different formats to suit individual learning needs such as videos, audios, text, images, games, etc.

With increased student engagement, comes increased learning, and improved academic performance.

  • Technology encourages independent and individualized learning

Educational technologies such as learning apps and learning support platforms are accessible on any device and at any time of the day.

Equipped with these learning tools they become capable of learning on their own and at their own pace. Self-learning is very beneficial because it gives your students a sense of independence at an early age.

  • Technology prepares your students for the outside world

The 21st-century workplace uses information and communication technologies to get work done. With these digital devices available to your students at an early age, you prepare them for their future professions.

Your students are not too young to gain digital literacy. And an early start leads to an enhanced future ability in the use of digital devices.

  • Technology tailors learning to students’ needs             

Every student has different learning habits and learning needs; educational technologies address those needs.

Digital Learning Support Platforms tailor content to each student’s specific learning level.

You shouldn’t limit your school’s learning to only students who can listen and grasp ideas from board diagrams and words. Give every child in your school an opportunity to participate in class learning activities by including technology in your school’s learning process.

  • It encourages teamwork

Technology encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Technology is known to be able to bring people together. You can employ its connective abilities in the learning process of your students.

With technology, they can communicate easily among themselves when working on a group project, even outside school hours.

Isn’t that nice?

  • It enables easy access to information

With technological devices such as phones, computers, and tablets in your classrooms, your students can access information easily. This would go a long way in aiding there learning process. 

It also enables them to be responsible for sourcing information by themselves at an early age.

  • Technology in the classroom is an opportunity to teach your students proper online behavior 

The internet is unarguably a place where most young people spend the majority of their time. If technology is incorporated into your classrooms, you get to teach your students online responsibility at an early age.

Armed with this they would grow up to be productive adults, who make proper use of the internet.

  • It makes learning fun

Technology makes learning fun. Educational digital games, for example, is a fun way to keep your learners engaged. Students can play fun games while learning. 

The sweet thing is that they won’t even feel the rigors of trying to learn. And they get to associate learning with fun.

Ebuka Evans

Ebuka Evans is a freelance writer. He currently studies at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he pursues a B.A. in English and Literary Studies.


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