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How to build a Leading Private School. 7 things you neglected as a school owner or administrator that you should start doing today, to turn things around positively for your school.

As a school owner or private school administrator, you might be wondering why your school isn’t growing as fast as you envisioned it to do. Like every other school owner, you want increased admissions to your school and a high retention number. 

You can achieve that with proper planning and execution.

7 important things you have neglected to do in your school

Here are 7 things you neglected as a school owner that you should start doing today, to turn things around positively for your school.

You neglected the importance of qualified teachers

Are your teachers qualified and trained? Do they love being around children? Are they passionate about teaching? Do they have the right values?

Did you employ your teachers for the wrong reasons? Such as cheap labor and nepotism? Shame on you.

Not giving each student individualized attention.

Not giving each student individualized attention and not teaching from a student-centered approach is a huge mistake private schools make. Your class sizes should be smaller, so the teacher can work on each student without stress.

Smaller classes allow students to be attentive and fully benefit from their teacher; teachers are also better able to get to know their students one on one.

Not having an online presence

In this decade, your school does not have a website? What?

Does your school have an official website and an official email address?

Your school website shouldn’t be redundant, it should be live, active, secure and regularly updated with current information about your school. Anyone should be able to visit your website and get all the information they need, without having to put a call through. 

Your website should be useful for student admissions and re-enrolment. It should have a viable payment platform for those who want the ease of paying their school fees online.

Also, don’t neglect social media. Be on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, posting exciting news and pictures about your school, your student’s accomplishments, events, announcements and so on.

Your school needs to have a visible presence online.

Not entering major school competitions

It’s okay to boast about your school and its accomplishments but be ready to put your money where your mouth is by registering your school for external competitions.

What better way to get your name out there and convince parents to enroll their children in your school. Proudly mention all your school achievements on all your marketing materials.

Ignoring teachers’ welfare packages

Employing qualified teachers in your school is very necessary but it goes beyond that. Have you been ignoring your staff’s welfare packages? And you expect them to stay motivated.

These welfare packages should include financial rewards such as prompt payment of salaries, allowances, medical services, teaching facilities, training, loan opportunities, among others.

Not effectively promoting your school online

Are you promoting your school offline and online? Marketing doesn’t just involve getting a microphone, playing loud music and dancing around your neighborhood. You need to run active marketing campaigns both online and offline.

Not having standard school facilities

Students perform better in their studies when taught in a conducive, safe and accommodative learning environment.

Does your school have a library, computers, science laboratories, digital learning support studio, sports facilities, canteen, book stores, clinic, security post, etc?

As a school owner or administrator, you need to ensure that your school has all these facilities in place.


There’s no time like the present.

Now is the time to plan and put these strategies in place in order to hit the ground running on your admissions and re-enrollment this session.

How we can help

At Trenova Private School Growth Academy, we deploy the Nova Strategies for Private School Growth to build a private school that leads the market and dominate the competition.

For 12 years, we have worked with over 10,000 private schools and 15,000 school leaders to grow their enrollment by 100-600 in a single term, increase annual revenue, reduce school fees debt and increase staff productivity.

We have helped some to increase revenue from 8m-150m in 3 years and many to double their businesses in 2-4 years.

Let’s work together to grow your school.


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