Is school growth your biggest challenge? This article discusses 6 strategies for creating a high-growth school.

A high-growth school

“How do I improve my school enrollment?”

“What marketing strategies can I use to boost my school admissions?”

If you still ask yourself these questions as a school owner, then you need to read this article.

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Do you desire a high-growth school? Then these strategies are for you

Find below strategies for creating a high-growth school.

  1. Have a dedicated and visionary leadership

To achieve anything worthwhile in life, having a clear vision is essential. Having visionary leadership is a must for the survival and growth of your school.

A visionary leader has a clear picture of where he is going and works with this end goal in mind. He is focused, proactive, determined and committed to his goals. He sees beyond a challenge and doesn’t let setbacks derail him because he knows they are temporary.

He provides a strong direction for his staff and inspires his team to work towards the clearly communicated goal.

Parents appreciate strong and disciplined leadership. It is an assurance that their child’s education is in good hands.

2. Build your school’s brand

Your school’s brand, image, and reputation is everything; build it and protect it.

What do people say and perceive about your school? You need to be able to control the narrative. Work on all the staff, teachers and students in your school. Make sure they are always portraying your school in a positive light in their respective communities.

You can’t have a poor image and expect an increase in student enrollment.

3. Set goals and follow-through

Setting clear goals are important. How do you know if you are achieving your set objectives if you don’t have your goals clearly stated? Have a growth plan and follow it through.

As a school owner, you can’t just expect the student population to increase overnight without having Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely (SMART) goals in place.

You should draw a blueprint of your school’s success, and work with a team of equally motivated staff to achieve it.

4. Use parents as ambassadors to promote your school

Word-of-mouth is powerful. People trust and believe what their friends, family members, and neighbors say than what a brand advertisement says.

Parents are motivated to enroll their children in a school based on the good reviews of another parent. Treat your parent-customers and their wards with love and respect and they will be your brand advocates for life.

Satisfied parents will gladly enroll all their children in your school and they wouldn’t mind convincing everyone around them to enroll in your school, too.

Solicit the help of parent-volunteers from your Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings. You can gift them branded items such as t-shirts, mugs, calendars, and encourage them to tell other parents about your school.

5. Formulate a consistent student enrollment strategy

Your school enrollment plan must run throughout the year.

At some point when your school’s enrollment has increased significantly, you might be tempted to relax. Don’t!

When you reach your set goal of student enrollment, pat yourself on the back but do not relent – set a higher goal.

Move to a bigger space, build a bigger student hall, build more classes, employ more teachers and the list goes on. Don’t put a limit on how far your school can go.

6. Have a strong online presence

Do you have a website?

If your answer to this question is “no”, then you are missing out on the huge benefits of having a strong online presence.

Your school should have, at the very least, an official website and social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. On these sites, you have the advantage of promoting your school and creating brand awareness at little or no cost.

On these platforms, share your school’s success stories, achievements, awards and so on. Let the whole world know all the good things that are happening in your school.

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Ebuka Evans

Ebuka Evans is a freelance writer. He currently studies at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he pursues a B.A. in English and Literary Studies.


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